What’s in a name

Welcome to my newest blog! I already have a growing list of things to write about, so bear with me as I put them all in sentence form and figure out this WordPress thing.

Until then, a little about the name of this blog. … Because I spent literally hours trying to think of a catchy blog name and reading other blogs about how to do so with little to no luck, I employed my trusted Facebook friends to think of one for me. I got several ideas, but the one that stuck out to me was Blogging at Tiffany’s — a play on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” of course!

(I am currently seeking volunteers to take the following picture and exchange the cigarette holder for a pen, so we’ll see if that happens.)

Audrey Hepburn making my name famous.

But not only did my lovely friends think of a title for me; I also got a subhead from my lovely Aunt Sheri. My exact assignment was:

I need ideas for the name of my new blog. I want it to be about life (i.e., DIY home improvements; the dog’s misadventures), things I want to do (i.e., parasail; go to Ireland), and random thoughts to ponder (i.e., why don’t the socks ever get completely dry in my dryer?). Yes, that’s broad. Any suggestions?

And so Sheri advised: Life. Love. Socks.


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