Lofty ideas

Sara recently introduced me to Ann Taylor Loft. Or “The Loft.” (Putting “the” in front of it means they can charge more.) I love their clothes and decided to succumb to the email list so I know when there’s some outrageous sale coming up. I got an email from The Loft last week with the following advertisement:

Can I just say that in my 26 years of living, I don’t think I’ve ever stood that way naturally? #1 says, “I really have to go to the bathroom, but I’m trying to play it off by smiling.” #2 is something like, “I’m going to stand here and hold my hair while my heels slip outward.” And #3 says, “Hey, look how my skirt flows in the breeze. Sorry I can’t face you; something’s up with my right shoulder.”


One thought on “Lofty ideas

  1. You are SO FUNNY and no – no one stands naturally like that. That is why they get paid big bucks to do that for hours on end I guess. Love your new blog!! Love Mom


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