What do you mane?

Judging by the amount of shampoo left in the bottle, I guess I bought Mane ‘n Tail for the first time about two months ago. Yes, horse shampoo. The original.

Since getting my hair cut shorter than usual this winter, I decided that I want it long again because … well, that’s what women do. I heard many moons ago that horse shampoo makes your hair grow faster, so I dropped $5 and went my merry way, encouraged by the following photo online.

Aside from the creepy looking woman and snobby looking horse, who wouldn’t look at this ad and think, “Long, luscious locks. Yes, please!”

After two months, however, I am unhappy to report that my hair seems immune to this Miracle Grow-esque hair/mane product. It smells OK and gets my hair clean, but that’s where it ends. No 2-inch difference. No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Granted, I was warned of the impending disappointment prior to using the shampoo thanks to a blog called “Confessions of a Product Junkie.” That user, too, experienced similar results.

After years of putting Mane ‘n Tail on a pedestal, of course, it’s hard to accept a dissatisfied review. “What do you mean it doesn’t work?” I thought, panicked that my dream of Jiffy Hair would be forever dashed.

Alas, life lets you down sometimes and before you know it, you’re back to wondering how much longer it will be until you, too, can be like Crissy.


3 thoughts on “What do you mane?

  1. StraightSexyHair at the moment but my new fave I just bought is Pureology…not sure if it helps your hair get longer (as you see mine is short) but it makes it super soft!!! 🙂


    • Hmmm…I didn’t even think to check Costco ’cause Pureology ain’t cheap either…thanks for slipping that into my brain, lol. I will have to check out Organix, too.


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