Red, pink, salmon and so on

I need to get more adventurous with my nail polish colors. When I told Sara that, she said something like, “Yeah, they’re all that dusty pink color.”

It’s true. She noticed last time she browsed my current lineup.

(By the way, I’m terrible at photographing nail polish in the bathroom, but I was aiming for a true-to-life backdrop.)

I think the craziest I ever got was painting every other fingernail green and the ones in between red for Christmas. Then I added a coat of glitter which took me about 3 hours to get off after the holidays. I hate glitter.

I also painted “TIFFO” — one letter per fingernail — on each hand in black nail polish in high school. That’s the kind of thing that makes me think, “Why did my mother let me do that?” (I feel the same way about parting my bangs down the middle as a kid, but she swears I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

I did branch out and get a dark brown color last fall, but that’s where the creativity ends. And even when I was picking it out, Emily told me it was boring. She went for everything I didn’t like: neon blue, sparkly gold and bright purple. (She’s also 9, so I didn’t feel bad not taking her advice.) Still, having the same basic color in multiple shades makes me feel old, so my goal next time is to be a little daring. I did get a flower painted on my big toes last time I got a pedicure, but I feel weird posting pictures of my toes, so you don’t get to see it.



One thought on “Red, pink, salmon and so on

  1. You crack me up! I think your color choices are just classic and if that is old then I guess I am ancient, lol!! 🙂


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