With a T

My experience at the polls today is proof that we should show our IDs when we vote. Here’s how it went down:

Poll lady: “Name?”

Me: “Tiffany Jothen.”

PL: “Can you spell the last name?”

Me: “J-O-T-H-E-N.”

PL: “…Can you spell it again?”

Me: “J-O-T-H-E-N.”

PL: (After a long pause and looking at her computer screen) “Something’s not right. J-O-C…”

Me: “No, it’s T. T as in Tom.”

PL: “J-O … ?”

Me: “T.”

PL: “C?”

Me: “No, T. T. T as in Tom or Tiffany.”

PL: “Spell that again.”

Me: (Eyeing the paper on her table and wondering where her pen is) “J … O … T … H … E … N. … Jothen.”

PL: “J-O-T-H-E-N.”

Me: “Yes.”

Seven hours later … or at least five minutes, I walked out with a voting sticker.


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