Dear Mom

Since about half of my friends just had or will soon have a baby, I’m dedicating the video below to all the new moms out there and of course to my own mom for the past 26 years of love, devotion, sacrifice, goofy jokes, embarrassing me on purpose and always reading my blog. Thanks for cheering me on during soccer games when I was the worst player on the team, for buying my school pictures when I had bad hair and helping me find the right Easter dress, prom dress and wedding dress.

Love you, Mom!

(Click here for the video, created by one of my co-workers.)



One thought on “Dear Mom

  1. How sweet and thoughtful! I am so grateful for all your kindness. And I thought you did just fine at soccer even though you never actually got to “be the ball!” haha And I loved your bangs and all your special dresses. I loved watching you grow up and now I love watching you live your life to the fullest. We are so proud and thankful for you. I am humbled that God gave me such wonderful children. I think people grow every day in some way all their lives and children teach you a lot when you are a parent. Love you dearly! Mom


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