Everything but the white picket fence

Two Fridays ago, Pete and I took in a second dog named Anja. It’s Russian and pronounced “Ahn-ya.” She’s basically the opposite of Zoey, which, although we love Zoey to pieces, has proved to be a really good thing.

Zoey: hyper, often ignores owners, walks in zig zags on a leash, chews shoe strings

Anja: calm, listens well, easy to walk, leaves stuff alone

Zoey is just like a little sister, too. She picks fights by pushing Anja and biting her ears just to see what happens. Well, maybe human sisters don’t bite ears, but you get the picture. In fact, Zoey is at my feet right now, trying to get Anja to play. Anja is laying here like, “Yeah, whatever.”

We try spraying Zoey with a water bottle when she misbehaves, but I think she’s getting used to it or just really enjoys mist in her face. She probably thinks it’s refreshing.

Before we got Anja, we briefly talked about getting a second dog so Zoey would have a playmate. When a co-worker told me about Anja, we decided to meet her. Her owners actually lived in Indian Trail and left her in the yard when their home was foreclosed on. 😦 Neighbors took turns feeding her for three months before a guy in Charlotte took her in. He couldn’t keep her, but he was so nice in giving us things like a crate, dog food and a collar. So far, the only downside is her aversion to bathing. She hears us calling her from the bathroom and goes and hides in Zoey’s crate.

So there it is: me and Pete and two “children.” Now all that’s missing is the white picket fence.



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