Because THAT makes sense

Pete and I went over to Sara’s for dinner last night. Curious to see whether magazine content has changed since I last read one (it hasn’t), I picked up the latest “Self” and flipped through. I ran across this picture, urging female readers to “aim high” when negotiating pay in a new position. My guess is that the photographer read the article, couldn’t think of a creative way to illustrate the point and was a bit too influenced by “The Hunger Games.” Whatever the thought process, she looks ridiculous. Really? A turtleneck, shorts with a sideways belt, rain boots, and a bow and arrow? Yes, that seems practical. … #1, it’s either hot or cold, so none of this turtleneck/shorts mess. #2, it’s sunny, so why do you need rain boots? And #3, your belt is too big if there’s a foot left once you’ve fastened it. My beef with girly magazines continues.


One thought on “Because THAT makes sense

  1. I just wish I looked that good even in stupid outfits and skinny enough to have a few inches left in a belt. Love, Mom


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