Mother Nature

Pete and I went to REI last night in preparation for our camping trip this weekend. I decided I need to become an avid camper so I can use all the fun things available to current avid campers.

First, the food. I don’t know how bagged chilimac tastes, but I would certainly be willing to try it. I even saw “curry in a hurry.”

My favorite, however, was this: a freeze-dried cookies and cream ice cream sandwich. How have I not known about things like this? A chocolate dessert with a cute polar bear on the front for your backwoods pleasure? Yes, please!

Then there are the squishy bowls, actually called “squishy bowls.” Get one of these and you can skip that $5 spoon on the same aisle.

Even if I was an avid camper, though, I know greasy hair would get to me. Solution: Wilderness Wash! Does this come in shampoo plus conditioner?

I also found this delightful book called “Backcountry Betty: Roughing it in style.” The gist was that you don’t have to look like crap when you’re in the woods. It mostly made me laugh.

Here’s the cover for chapter 2:

I guess that’s so you don’t look like this guy:

One of my favorite things was the Gorillapod. It holds your camera at all kinds of angles so you can get the perfect shot whether you’re on a mountaintop, in a boat or posing in front of a bridge.

And this I just want because it’s a glow stick.

Finally, although it was a miniature model of a real-size tent, I think I like the mini one better. It’s the perfect size for Zoey!

So there you have it. I may not be great at distinguishing north from south, but by golly, if I’m ever a big-time camper, I will have yummy food, clean hair and great pictures!


One thought on “Mother Nature

  1. You are so funny! Is the squishy bowl disposable? Don’t forget the “T.P.”! I always thought as long as you can stay fresh enough and no dirty hair – camping is great! Hey remember Hen Wallow Falls? Poor Seth – I washed him off in cold water! Love, Mom


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