Back to nature

As you know, Pete and I went camping with some friends a couple of weekends ago. Here are some of the quotes from that trip:

Matthew: “See, Sara wears socks with sandals.”
Alex: “But she doesn’t wear the long socks pulled halfway up her leg to a restaurant! (Turning to us) I’m like, ‘What are you, an 80-year-old man?’ He’s like, ‘It’s Caribbean style.’ I said, ‘So wear speedos.’ And he didn’t really have an answer to that.”

Sara: “What do you think an overweight deer looks like? Do you think it looks like that?”

Alex: (Trying to wash dishes at the spigot in the dark) “I can’t see and I’m not coordinated. All I can think is, ‘Man, I want some Cheetos!'”

Matthew: “But how do we cook the s’more?”

Tiffany: “Are we having two conversations here?”
Sara: “Yes, but no one is listening to mine.”

Tiffany: “What happens when an onion burns? Let’s find out!”

Sara: “You made it all smoky!”
Alex: “Well, you’re sitting right in front of the smoke!”
Sara: “Smoke follows beauty.”



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