Little women

This past weekend, I joined Mom, Aunt Andy, Emily and my grandmother on an all-girls trip to Charleston, S.C. I kept a mini diary to document our travels.

5:30 p.m.: It’s been an hour since we left. Playing BrainQuest. Emily is cheating by reading the answers first, then telling us how easy the questions are. My Parmesan Goldfish are a hit!

5:50 p.m.: Mom keeps mouthing the answers so other people will get the question right. Andy called her an enabler of cheaters.

7:13 p.m.: I told Mamaw she needs a Snuggie for the cold restaurant. Andy said she has an orange UT Snuggie and I promptly made fun of her.

9:45 p.m.: We’re here! I love the smell of the ocean.

10:28 p.m.: Quote of the night from Emily, who doesn’t like my game of hide the remote: “Either you lose or I win. No wait, that’s the same thing.” Also had a pillow fight, but Mom didn’t want to use the pillows that landed in the floor.

10 a.m.: Met a couple from southern California. The woman sang in the choir at a Billy Graham Crusade in LA in the ’60s. They tell Mom they like her Southern accent and say I could pass for a Northerner.

1:40 p.m.: Emily and I pet a deer! Took a boat tour at Magnolia Plantation and walked through part of the gardens. Emily and I went to the petting zoo.

2 p.m.: Took a picture of the Audubon Swamp where “Swamp Thing” was filmed in the early ’80s.

2:30 p.m.: Parson Jack’s Cafe in Mount Pleasant — highly recommended.

10 p.m.: Got a trip to the Isle of Palms! Walked to the pier with Mom, Andy and Emily. Didn’t want to leave. Went to Jestine’s for dinner and Emily caught a tiny frog. She tried to take it with her, but it kept hiding in the potted plant outside the restaurant. I told her it was afraid of her big hair.

1 p.m.: Finally took my first ever carriage ride! One of my favorite parts of the trip, but HOT. Also took a harbor tour to Fort Sumter and back. Leaving the boat, the captain said, “Watch your step, watch your head. … If you hit your head, watch your mouth.” Excited that I got to wear boat shoes on two different boats.

1:25 p.m.: At Barbara Jean’s for lunch, right by the Old Market. Our waiter recognized that we’re on vacation and asked Mamaw — a devout Baptist — if she wanted a beer. She laughed. “I’m afraid not.”

3:15 p.m.: Had an incredibly delicious meal at Barbara Jean’s. Mamaw and Mom shared proposal — or lack thereof — stories. Also met Jessica and her friend, Brenda, at Sweet CeCe’s for frozen yogurt. Ate too many toppings.

6:45 p.m.: Mamaw napped in the room while the rest of us went to the market and Waterfront Park. Emily played in the fountain. I want to live here. Also, I need a bike.

8:30 p.m.:
Mom: “If I was Tiffany’s age or younger, I would want a Jeep. I would have long hair and do the ponytail, and I would wear shorts and flip flops.”
Andy: “Sounds like a Barbie thing to me.”

9:08 p.m.: At Huck’s at Isle of Palms, eating outside on the second floor. Can see the ocean. Emily thinks the guy playing the keyboard down below is cute and tried to use the zoom function on my camera to get closer. Quote of the night:
Mom: “Seth used to wonder about that. ‘What happens if the Lord comes back when I’m in the bathtub?'”
Me: “They don’t cover that in Sunday school.”
Emily: “They should. ‘You either need to put some clothes on or a bath towel.'”
Me: “I don’t think I’d want to enter the kingdom in a bath towel. I need better bath towels.”
Andy: “She’d be standing there in Tommy Hilfiger.”

10:06 a.m.: Leaving the hotel. Emily shaved her legs this morning. Andy said when she was younger, she shaved her legs after Mamaw told her not to. She wanted to be smooth for a Valentine’s party. The next day, she was sick and thought God was punishing her.

1:20 p.m.: Just recorded a two-hour interview with Mamaw, Andy and Mom on the drive home. Highlights: Mamaw remembering when World War II was over, Mamaw’s dad performing well on Mason Dixon’s bowling team and Andy telling about the family driving to Myrtle Beach in a tiny Volkswagen Beetle.


3 thoughts on “Little women

  1. Thanks, Tif for journaling all the funny things said and done. As always, you take good pictures and I don’t look too fat in them this time. I think all in all we had a pretty good trip!


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