Zoey’s adventure

Super trooper

Back in February, Zoey decided to go on a mini vacation. During a trip to Home Depot with Pete, she randomly jumped out of the car window and went running down the side of the highway — a busy highway during lunchtime. He ran after her, but she’s quick and got away from him. He frantically drove around looking for her with a woman who asked if he needed help, and shortly after, I left work to join him. Zoey was gone for 30 hours before we got a phone call that someone found her. (Thanks to LuckyPet.com for the awesome stainless steel name tag.)

During that time, however, Zoey ran into a steel cable by the side of the road and damaged her eye. After months of vet visits, eye drops and pills, we decided to have her eye removed two weeks ago. It was a tough decision — she’s only a year old — but there was no hope of the detached retina reattaching, plus she had glaucoma and I don’t think she could see out of it. Not to mention the expensive 6 drops a day we had to give her. It broke my heart to drive her to the vet that morning — a long 45-minute drive to Polkton that was a third of the cost as a Charlotte specialist — and I almost cried but didn’t. I knew she wouldn’t miss the eye, but still. I felt bad for her.

So here we are two weeks later and her eye is healing nicely. It looked like she’d been in a fight when we first got her back, with stitches sticking out of her face and a big red knot where her eye had been, but she’s just as spunky as ever and hasn’t been running into things. (Well, she does run into some things with the cone of shame around her neck, but we’ll blame that on the cone.) The area around the eye had to be shaved before the surgery, too, but it’s coming back and doesn’t look half bad. She’s a trooper. Plus she winks!

I’ll post more pictures once the stitches fall out.


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