Date with Emily

Two weekends ago, I went to Tennessee to watch Emily while Mom and Dad were out of town for a James Taylor concert (Mother’s Day gift). They also celebrated their anniversary.

I don’t spend a lot of time with Emily since we live away, so it was nice to do some things together. We painted pottery, bought Tess (her dachshund) a shirt for her 1st birthday (clearly Emily’s idea), looked at comforters (she’s all about zebra print now), watched “Say Yes to the Dress,” walked the dogs and got our nails done. If you read my previous entries, you won’t be surprised that she got green and pink polish with glitter. I did branch out and get a random design on my big toes, although it reminds everyone of July 4th or Captain America.

Instead of recapping the whole weekend, here are some quotes from our Wii playing.

Emily: “Pedal faster! Hurry up! Pedal, Tif! What are you doing back there?”
Me: “You’re stressing me out. I hope you never work in upper management.”

Emily (while bragging about her success in archery): “Tell me something I don’t know.”
Me: “That would take too long.”
Emily (10 seconds later): “Hey!”

Me (reading the screen): “Vincenzo says nice job.”
Emily (mad that we didn’t get first place): “Well Vincenzo can keep his thoughts to himself.”


2 thoughts on “Date with Emily

  1. Love the recap on WII – she beats me at everything or turns it off if I’m going to win. I need to have a long talk with her. šŸ™‚ Love MOM


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