No z’s here

If you followed my previous blog, you might remember a post I wrote about attempting to keep my eyes open throughout the workday. At the time, I had just started my new job and could hardly hold my head up by 8 a.m. devotions. (I REALLY looked forward to prayer.) Well, I wrote that Dec. 30 and I still have the same problem.

I still get up around 5 – well, unless I turn off both alarms and sleep another 45 minutes which of course NEVER happens – and it’s still rare to get 8 hours of sleep. Most mornings, I feel like a kid forced to wake up early for the school bus. I want to pull the covers over my head and let out a whiny, “Noooo! Three more hours!”

Pete doesn’t work as late anymore, which is nice, but I feel like the day is too short to do everything I need or would like to do. It’s an hour-long drive home after work, meaning I typically walk in the door at 5:30. There are two dogs to feed, let out and show attention to, dinner to prepare, trash to take out, mail to get, clothes to change, clothes to wash, floors to vacuum, bills to pay, etc. I’ve also been doing some freelance work after regular work. When am I supposed to read all those books on my shelf or put my pictures in albums? I can honestly say I have NO idea how full-time working moms do it without dropping dead.

I do have more energy when I exercise, but that’s been falling to the wayside lately with the freelance stuff. I take short walks and go up and down the stairwell at work, but it’s not the same as breaking a sweat in Zumba or Turbo Jam. I’ve also started eating chocolate at 9 in the morning instead of my typical 3 in the afternoon just to give myself a boost. (I could eat a banana, but that’s not as exciting. I eat healthier stuff later, promise.) Still, many mornings … or afternoons … or evenings, I feel like this:

My boss and I discussed how people in other countries get more vacation and how we’d like to adopt that here. I heard a story on the radio that said if we had more vacation time, people would be less stressed, meaning happier, they would be rested, meaning more productive, and they would be healthier, meaning lower health insurance. It would also create more jobs because you have to have more staff to fill in for the times people are out.

See? The world’s problems solved in a single policy change.


3 thoughts on “No z’s here

  1. Tiff, I had been wondering the same thing when I came across these articles:
    – this link is inside the first URL I posted but just in case one misses it…

    I think this is great stuff for another blog or two!!! Reading the comments in “The Happiest Mom” article is definitely a must!! 🙂

    BTW, your solution to the problem I think is a great one!!


  2. Thanks for the articles, Jessica! I really like the second one. I was just telling Pete over the weekend that I think I’d be good at helping people organize and clean, … but then, that would be one more thing on my plate. 🙂


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