Why didn’t I think of that?

I was behind an Edible Arrangements van yesterday and thought about how such a simple idea makes bank. Why didn’t I think of arranging bits of pineapple, melon and grapes into a round blob and charging a week’s wages?

Take, for example, the Melon Delight, an assortment of fruit (including pineapple daisies) for $81. Yes, $81. But wait! You get free chocolate dipped bananas! Well if that’s the case, let’s get two!

Or this, the Elegance Platter of Swizzle Berries. (I guess they get a fancy name since they’re so flippin’ expensive.) This platter is “only” $55. What a steal! Thank goodness for that Labor Day special! With a bargain like that, who cares if you have to pick it up yourself? (I do admit, however, that with what looks like 30 plump berries in the batch, this isn’t as bad as the Melon Delight. … But I could still make the same thing at home for about $20.)

Other products I wish I had thought of include antenna balls, Silly Bandz, Beanie Babies and those brownie pans that give every piece a crispy side.

The people who thought of these things are geniuses. Forming bean bags into animal shapes and giving them names? Seth and I used to have a whole box of them. Or putting a round smiley face on the tip of your antenna. Who would have thought that would be a million-dollar business? And Silly Bandz? You can’t even tell what shape they are when you’re wearing them! On the wrist, they look like a bunch of deformed rubber bracelets.

The moral: Next time I have a silly idea, I’m going to see if I can market it.


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