Fitness Friday: Week 1

Day 1: I hate you, diamond push-ups. Weren’t these easier in 6th grade? I need more upper body strength; the German girl in the video is making me look bad.

Day 2: I had to look up “plyometrics” on the Internet, but I really enjoyed the exercise. I haven’t sweat this much in an hour since that kickboxing class I took at UNCC. (Standing outside in NC humidity doesn’t count.) I also haven’t hopped on one foot for any length of time since elementary school, but I’m still good at it!

Day 3: Ow. … Ab Ripper X is definitely an accurate name for the workout. My abs are on fire. I’m disappointed that I can’t keep up on all the exercises, but I’ll get there! Also worked the arms and shoulders. I need heavier weights for sure.

Day 4: Yoga is harder than I thought it would be. Need to work on my balance. Anja stared at me during my warrior pose and tried to shake my hand during floor exercises.

Day 5: Getting a little better at the Ab Ripper! Also got heavier weights and a yoga mat.

Day 6: My Facebook post of the day: Any volunteers to be my picker upper? I bent down to pick up the dog dish and my leg muscles nearly exploded. I need one of those things inmates use to pick up trash by the road.

Day 7: Today I had the option of resting or following the stretching DVD. I did half of the stretches, but we have to be somewhere this evening, so consider my first week complete!


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