Fitness Friday: Week 3

Pete and I were in Minnesota last Saturday and Sunday, so it was my first time doing P90X away from home. I was proud of myself for keeping it up, even though all I could think about was breakfast on Sunday morning. I might have slacked in plyometrics that day.

On Monday, I was hungry and super tired after work, but exercised anyway. Thanks to Pete for telling me I really did want to work out when I whined that I didn’t.

Right now, I’m in Buffalo to cover an event for work. (More on that later!) I continued my exercises when we arrived yesterday, but today I had the option to do the stretch DVD or rest and I chose rest. I also had some delicious dessert a couple of hours ago that I’m sure Tony Horton wouldn’t approve of. (He’s the P90X guy.) But it was soooo good. Plus I’m getting up early tomorrow to do yoga before we start working and I’ll be walking around a lot, so I don’t feel TOO bad.

I also had a personal triumph a couple of days ago when I did the last move on the Ab Ripper DVD to the max! It’s called the Mason Twist and it was the first time I got all the way through without pausing. Yay me!


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