Fitness Friday: Week 4

As I mentioned before, I was out of town last week and tried to keep up my exercises in the hotel room. I wasn’t about to sacrifice space to bring my hand weights, so I found myself in a pickle when the workout called for them. I looked around the room and decided that the Gideon Bible would have to do. It’s always good to “lift the Lord up.”

I also found that being on the 8th floor presented a problem when it got to jumping jacks. It was like trying to vacuum without waking a baby. The two beds in the room were also problematic when doing stretches that required lots of space.

This week was the “recovery phase.” It was more of the flexibility training, although I did get in some core work. Let me just say that I will likely never be able to do this:

I did kind of skimp on my yoga yesterday, but I still got in a good 40 minutes or so. (The DVD is an hour and a half, but Pete and I went to help Sara paint her new town home.) Yoga isn’t my favorite. I prefer kenpo.


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