Fitness Friday: Week 5

First of all, I promise to write about more than my P90X adventure soon. I have a ton of things to write about, but I’ve been very short on time lately. …

This week was all about modification. Pete and I helped Sara move last Saturday, and because Pete hadn’t had a chance to get one of the new P90X DVDs ready, I worked out using one I already had. One that worked the same basic parts of the body. We also had Alex, Matthew and Sara over that night, so I didn’t work out quite as long. Then yesterday, because I had my second laser hair removal treatment (more about that later!), I wasn’t supposed to do much physical activity. It might irritate the skin. So last night was my rest night, and I worked out tonight instead.

Anja has become my fitness buddy. She came over to me while I was doing dips off the edge of the bed this week and put one paw in my lap as I went up and down. She looked at me very serious. And on the floor stretches, she laid down beside me and tried to get my attention by putting her paw or nose in my face or licking my hands when I stretched.

It’s half cute, half annoying because she scratches me when puts her paw on my shoulder. Plus, I’m afraid I’ll drop a weight on her head when she gets too close. (Another obstacle is the placement of the fan in our bedroom. I have to make sure not to chop my fingers off when I’m reaching up.)

Oh, and no, I don’t have a six pack yet. A couple of people have asked me, but it hasn’t happened yet. I also don’t look like Xena. Mom asked me about that one. I do, however, think I’m getting better at upper body stuff, although I still have somewhat puny push-ups. I used to do them a lot in high school. I guess I shouldn’t have given them up. The punching moves are still my favorite. … Also, I miss my Zumba DVDs.


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