What I’m thankful for

I’m a day late on this, but I started making a list of what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving and wanted to share:

1. Hair care products that fight the frizz. How does my hair go from a 10 to a 2 from the time I leave my house to late morning? It’s not like I ride a bike to work at top speeds whilst wearing a helmet. I drive with my windows rolled up and sit at a desk! While I don’t think all frizz-fighting products control flyaways like they say they will, I am a fan of Organix Argan Oil.

2. In-laws who help us update our home and plan out new landscaping. Yay for a second set of parents!

3. Contacts. Glasses are OK, but I hate the way they fog up when I open the oven or get specks of water on them when it rains. Good job, contacts inventor.

4. Pants that don’t make me look like Urkel. Do you know how hard it is to find pants that aren’t too short on me? I do.

5. An awesome husband who knows how to fix problems on my computer. Heck, just a husband who knows something is wrong with it.

6. A pretty workplace. I love the job, too, but I’ve really enjoyed working somewhere that’s aesthetically pleasing. Sara said it’s very grown up. Of course, she works in a middle school.

7. A sister who makes me laugh while showing me who she’s currently crushing on in the latest issue of “Tiger Beat.” (I didn’t even know that magazine still existed.) Apparently Big Time Rush is all the rage in her book, and 1 Direction is a close second. She said she likes side-swept bangs and big brown eyes. (She’s giving me a quiz at the moment called “Which Twilight Hottie Would Come to Your Rescue?” Mine is Taylor Lautner.)

8. Thick socks. Warm, cozy and perfect for chilly nights when you haven’t yet turned the heat on because electricity is expensive.

9. Chocolate. It calms me down and cheers me up.

10. Friends. The ones who can’t quite verbalize what they are thinking, but you already know because you’ve spent years sharing sleeping bags, brownie batter and interior decorating ideas. The ones who make good shopping buddies because even when they find something that isn’t their style, they show you anyway because they know you’ll like it. And the kind who never owe you money because by the time you’ve split dinners, carpooling duties and favors, it all comes out in the wash.


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