Fitness Friday: P90X complete!

Pete kindly obliged to taking some pictures of P90X moves today to mark the end of my 90-day journey. I let out a big “woo hoo” when I completed my last workout today. Here’s what I’m taking away:

– This is hard to do when traveling. I leave for Asheville tomorrow and although I’m taking some workout DVDs with me, I won’t feel pressed to do an hourlong workout each day I’m there.

– I’ve noticed more muscle in my arms and legs.

– Still no washboard abs, but like I mentioned, I only did the exercise part of P90X and not the nutrition plan, which might factor into my results. Plus, I noticed that most of the women in the videos looked great but also lacked the washboardness, so I think it takes time.

– I’m definitely not as restless when I’m sitting at my desk at work. A big plus.

– I like lifting weights more than yoga, but I need to work on my balance.

– Dogs tend to interrupt workouts. Also, Anja stares at me a lot.

– And the time thing. This takes a LOT of time. I would go through the workout plan again, but I wouldn’t try to do it all in 90 days.

– Because I care about things like this, please note that we do not always block in the mirror in the pictures. We have things around it so Zoey won’t chew on it.








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