Beware of jump rope

Last week, I was talking to a co-worker about exercise and she mentioned using her own jump rope during a fitness program. The last time I jumped rope was back in the fall during a work trip (I borrowed it from a different co-worker), but before that, it had been years. I can’t remember the last time I owned one.

I was reminded what a great workout jumping rope can be, plus it’s easy, portable and takes up minimal space, so on my way home that evening I picked one up while I was at Target.

I got the kind with weighted handles, so it’s definitely the fanciest jump rope I’ve ever had. I used it when I got home that night and felt like I was back in elementary school, wearing my turquoise sweat suit with a teddy bear on the front, listening to the coach talk about Jump Rope for Heart. Holy moly, this is great cardio. Zoey was entertained, too.

Then I read the piece of paper that came with my jump rope. Everything has to have a warning, doesn’t it? This one in particular made me laugh. I can only imagine the blank stare I would get if I consulted my medical practitioner about the potential risks of jumping rope.

jump rope


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