What I want(ed) in a guy

I recently found a list I made in high school titled “What I want in a guy.” The date on it is 2003 — either my junior or senior year. I remember my friends making fun of me for it, then making lists of their own. None of them even came close to my list, though; 210 things is hard to top.

The first thing on my list was “strong relationship with God/Christian.” Others included “doesn’t criticize my driving” and “can match clothes.” Here’s a peek at what I wanted in a male counterpart 10 years ago:

#2. Respects me, my family and my friends.

#5. Strong — mentally and physically (nice muscles never hurt).

#8. Likes dogs.

#10. Doesn’t smoke.

#13. Not obsessed with fake women, such as Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, or any other diva, pop star, Baywatcher, or pin-up.

#20. Looks in my eyes, not up, down, or away.

#22. Brushes teeth on a regular basis.

#25. Doesn’t rush me. Patience is everything.

#27. Picks out his own mother’s cards.

#33. Rides roller coasters.

#35. Never tells me I look bad, fat, rough, dirty, or any other unacceptable adjective.

#46. Doesn’t tell stupid jokes to the point I can’t even pretend laugh.

#47. Has goals and perseverance.

#48. Encourages and supports me.

#51. Not constantly on a computer.

#63. Laughs well — not loud, breathy, gaspy, silent, through the nose, high-pitched, or too long.

#65. My height or taller.

#67. Has nice hands —  not rough or feminine.

#70. Doesn’t need an umbrella.

#71. Doesn’t go to strip clubs or Hooters — even “for the wings.”

#76. Doesn’t always call for a reason, but always has something to say.

#78. Never says, “I didn’t mean to lead you on,” especially when he knew perfectly well what he was doing.

#82. Has good taste in music — no screaming songs.

#88. Sociable.

#101. Thinks of more unique dates than dinner and a movie.

#106. Likes color.

#109. Puts the dishes in the sink, not on the counter beside the sink. The dishwasher is better.

#112. Likes to travel.

#113. Loves life and takes pleasure in the small things.

#117. Makes me a better person; good influence.

#127. Has decent feet.

#128. Wears sunscreen, and doesn’t go to a tanning bed.

#135. Modest.

#157. Remembers Valentine’s Day and my birthday.

#159. Open-minded and has own opinions, but doesn’t force them on others.

#161. Doesn’t leave shaving cream/hair/toothpaste in the sink/bathtub.

#167. Prays often.

#180. Knows what he’s worth; confidence.

#181. No dandruff.

#190. No weird diseases or hereditary dysfunctions.

#196. Doesn’t leave bugs in the floor after he kills them.

#197. Runs nice.

#203. Not a previous criminal.

#209. Can manage money.

#210. Has a plan.

I came across this list shortly after Pete and I got married and he asked me how he stacks up to The List. I have to say, he meets most of them, like #69. Looks great in a baseball hat, and #148. Knows about cars. … Not #36, though; “has nice handwriting.” But I love him anyway.

Other things I noticed is that it took me until #129 to list “smart,” and that my taste in some things has definitely changed since ’03. Like #162. No beard or mustache. … I was the one who told Pete not to shave before our wedding.

While my list is a tall order for anyone to fill, my favorite is #192. Not too picky.

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3 thoughts on “What I want(ed) in a guy

  1. I so remember this! That was so funny but down inside I was glad you had made a list. That meant you were going to be picky about who you wanted in your life and I think you couldn’t have done better. Happy anniversary again and we love you both so very much! Mom and Dad


  2. That is awesome Tiffany. Number 27 and 76 are really sweet. But I had to laugh at “#190. No weird diseases or hereditary dysfunctions.” Made me wonder what you were thinking of exactly when you wrote that. Ha. Pete’s a great guy – he definitely seems like one of the good ones. : )


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