Unnesessaree Mispelings

This past week, I altered my glue stick at work. The glue stick makers decided to spell it wrong — “Glue Stic” — which really bugged me, so I took out a Sharpie and modified it. See my before and after picture below.

Glue stick

Other product and business names get on my nerves, too, with words like

  • sno cone
  • Kar Kare
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Dunkin’ Stix
  • tastee
  • Rite Aid
  • and anything with¬†“kidz” or “moovies” in it

Spelling it wrong doesn’t make you say it differently or change the meaning, so there’s really no point.

I’m also amazed at how many misspellings there are on things that should be professional, like menus, billboards and even books. For the longest time, there was a billboard along a main highway near us that said “NO COMMITTMENT” in really big letters as advertising for a local gym. I wondered if I’d get a free membership if I told them that “commitment” has two T’s total, not three.

I’m always pointing these things out to Pete, and I hate when I discover that I’m the one who’s made the spelling error. Even if it’s in a text or Facebook post. If I don’t correct it, it bothers me.

OK, now that I sound like a tightwad, I’m signing off.


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