Healthy recipe of the week: tabouli

Last night was our “Aladdin” movie night (another blog post forthcoming), so a few of us contributed Middle East-inspired foods. Deborah told me to make tabouli, and I found a recipe made with quinoa instead of bulgar. It was scrumptious.

Click here for the recipe. (Garlic is on the ingredients list twice, so I ignored the second one.)

Quinoa tabouli

Quinoa tabouli

Pete and I sat down last weekend to go over our daily schedules and try to find ways to make our lives less stressful and more healthy. One thing I have decided to do is make at least one healthy recipe a week. It was one of my New Year’s resolutions, but I haven’t done so well.

My reasons for wanting to eat healthier are more energy, good overall health and, hopefully, glowing skin. 🙂 You might also remember this post where I talked about other dishes I tried several weeks ago. I’ll try to post a recipe and picture of each weekly dish.


5 thoughts on “Healthy recipe of the week: tabouli

  1. Tif,

    Sounds as good as it looks and refreshing especially on such hot days. Hope you girls had lots of fun! Keep on doing things like that and make lots of good memories.




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