Healthy recipe of the week: harvest soup

As I mentioned in the previous post, the past couple of weeks have been super busy. That means no healthy recipe for last week, BUT I did have some healthy dishes while I was out of town. I should have taken a picture.

For this week, Pete and I made harvest soup. We got a soup mix at an Amish store in TN while visiting my parents a while back. I’m kicking myself for not looking at the full list of ingredients for the mix, but I think it was a variety of lentils, rice, split peas and maybe some other bean. It was colorful.

Here’s the recipe:

Harvest soup

We made a couple of adjustments. We added a vidalia onion that Pete got at a produce stand, and I added veggie meatballs I already had instead of making some other meat. (He calls them protein balls.) The soup came out more like a stew. The rest of our meal consisted of corn (which Pete was really excited to make after buying a corn peeler) and some fresh bread that he made in the bread machine.

If I were to make this again, I would have cooked the carrots first since they were a little crisp. I would also make the pieces of cabbage smaller. All in all, I liked it, which is good since we have a lot left.

photo (57)


One thought on “Healthy recipe of the week: harvest soup

  1. Looks good! If you want more liquid, you can always use vegetable, chicken or beef boullion cubes w/water. Not that you need to, but you could. ( I don’t know how to spell boullion.) It’s fun to experiment w/recipes I think. You can always adjust them and put a whole new twist on them which is very creative. Love you guys and so proud of you two!


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