Healthy recipe of the week: Greek-style chicken

Today I made a super easy chicken dish in the slow cooker. The lemon and olive flavors really come out in this dish. I put the chicken with a mixed greens salad and jasmine rice.

photo (70)

Here’s the recipe, from my Crock-Pot cookbook. Mine isn’t as pretty, but it’s still yummy.

photo (69)

I used black olives instead of kalamata olives because I like the flavor of the black olives better. I also challenge you to make this without the lemon and chicken falling into pieces. I personally don’t mind it that way, but I want to know how the picture above even happened. I’ve made this dish twice now, and both times, the chicken is so tender it pulls apart.

Also this week, I made banana pancakes. We’ll pretend they’re healthy since there are bananas in them. Here’s the recipe. Mine weren’t as fluffy as the picture online, but I bet if I had a pancake mold and could keep the batter from spreading, they would be thicker. I reheated some this morning for breakfast and they were even better, probably because they weren’t as moist/mushy in the middle as when I first made them. They were definitely cooked, but the banana is a little mushy. One thing I would do differently is not make as much or just make the whole batch when people are over. This made about 17 pancakes! (The recipe says about 12, but mine weren’t as thick.)

Oh and the dots you see on the second pancake are … raisins. Yeah, that’s it, raisins. Definitely not chocolate chips. …

photo (68)


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