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Life update

I was trying to come up with a name and focus for this blog post, but three things came to mind at once, so this one’s going to be a mixed bag.

1. Pete and I met our nephew for the first time last week! His name is Cade. He’s going on three months old now, but we couldn’t make it to MN to see him sooner. I get to be a godmother! (I feel like I should have wings and a wand like in “Cinderella.”)





2. Pete and I went to an event in downtown Charlotte Friday night and got to see Rend Collective again. This time I bought a T-shirt. I think I’m a baby groupie. As Emily might say, “they’re my fave.”

photo (82)

3. I had a first this morning. I made my first pot of coffee EVER. All by myself! 🙂 More on WHY I made the coffee later. … Stay tuned!

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Healthy recipe of the week: Shrimp fried rice

OK, so I didn’t make this dish; Pete did and I ate it. 🙂

I have to say I was impressed by how well this turned out. When he told me he was going to make fried rice, I was skeptical, thinking back to the time a friend and I tried to make it. It was a disaster.

I ate every bite of this, so here’s a shout out to my sweet Pete. He said he overcooked the shrimp, but I thought it was good, plus I’ve determined that it’s nearly impossible to cook shrimp just right.

Also, I realize fried rice is not super healthy, but it did include veggies (!), plus the cashews I added to mine. And I consider beans and shrimp healthy options.

Here’s the recipe for the fried rice. Pete used basmati rice.

And here’s the one for the shrimp.

Hopefully you know how to cook green beans.

A dinner treat from sweet Pete.

A dinner treat from sweet Pete.

Fall! … That’s all.


I have severely neglected this blog for the past month. Eek! With everything else going on, though, and trying to make time to relax, I haven’t had much time to post. I’m sorry you’ve missed me so much. (I’m assuming.)

So today, I’m simply going to share my excitement about fall. My favorite season used to be summer because I love warm weather and vacations, but now summer has to share with fall because I’m starting to like it more and more. (Plus, since I’m not in school anymore, fall is no longer synonymous with going to bed early and having homework.)

Fall is awesome for 5 reasons:

1. Boots. Boots with tights. Boots with leggings. Boots with dresses or jeans or skirts. The possibilities are endless!

The bike would embarrass me, but I want to know where she got the skirt.

2. The light. I can’t really describe it, but sunlight is different in the fall. Not as harsh and hot. It’s softer and … not as hot? Look, I said I can’t describe it, so there.

3. The obvious: leaves. The leaves are just starting to change colors, but I don’t have to rake yet, and not enough have fallen to leave the trees bare and gloomy. Perfect.


This was taken a couple of years ago at Morrow Mountain, N.C.

4. Here come the holidays! Candy will be on sale soon, then there’s Thanksgiving, then Christmas. … And then my and Pete’s birthdays! (Is it “my and Pete’s” or “mine and Pete’s” or something else? I never know how to say this.)

5. Pumpkin everything and warm, spicy drinks. … Oh, and bonfires. I know those are separate, but I already said I’d name five things, and six things just isn’t a good number for a list.



Pete and I have also been pretty productive this fall. (All 19 days of it.) We planned to paint our deck back in June, but it’s rained so much and we’ve been so short on free time that it just happened a couple of weeks ago. It looks sooo much better. It was a hot mess before. … I also spruced up our pots with some fresh flowers, added a couple of small decorations and made a wreath!

This is the after picture. I hope you didn't think it was the before picture.

This is the after picture. I hope you didn’t think it was the before picture.

These were left over from a "photo shoot" Pete and I did for Mom's birthday. Perhaps I'll post more on that later.

These were left over from a “photo shoot” Pete and I did for Mom’s birthday. Perhaps I’ll post more on that later.



A wreath made out of yarn and artificial flowers and leaves. I added a ribbon to hang it.

A wreath made out of yarn and artificial flowers and leaves. I added a ribbon to hang it.

Mums by the front door.

Mums by the front door. This isn’t the greatest iPhone picture, but oh well.