Life update

I was trying to come up with a name and focus for this blog post, but three things came to mind at once, so this one’s going to be a mixed bag.

1. Pete and I met our nephew for the first time last week! His name is Cade. He’s going on three months old now, but we couldn’t make it to MN to see him sooner. I get to be a godmother! (I feel like I should have wings and a wand like in “Cinderella.”)





2. Pete and I went to an event in downtown Charlotte Friday night and got to see Rend Collective again. This time I bought a T-shirt. I think I’m a baby groupie. As Emily might say, “they’re my fave.”

photo (82)

3. I had a first this morning. I made my first pot of coffee EVER. All by myself! 🙂 More on WHY I made the coffee later. … Stay tuned!

photo (84)


2 thoughts on “Life update

  1. Tiffany, you’ve had a couple of first evers! Cade is such a cutie and everyone looked so good in the pictures. Want to know about the coffee too. And I love the t-shiirt!


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