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I see Ireland!

It’s about time for me to order new contacts, so I looked at the back of my Acuvue Oasys box a couple of days ago and saw this: Made in Ireland. It’s a sign!

Contacts box

I’ve had these contacts for months now and it was the first time I noticed where they’re from. Or at least, where the box is from. Either way, if you know about my dream to visit Ireland, you know I was thrilled. I took it as a sign that I will see Ireland one day!

Update: Back in February, I started an Ireland fund. I typically put in $5 at a time, but sometimes more or less. I don’t feel like counting right now, but I think I have about $250 saved up. It’s not exactly a plane ticket, but I’m working on it!

photo (85)




Sydney … the computer

photo 3

This is me screwing something in. I can’t remember what, but I’m sure it was important.

If you know Pete, you know he is a genius at computers … and cars … and basically anything that needs to be fixed.

We’ve been talking about building a computer together for a while, and last week, we did just that. It took about an hour and a half.

He bought all the parts we would need, then explained what everything was, what it does and how to assemble it. It’s mine now, and I named it Sydney.

I was going to name it after the city where we met, but that would be Bathurst, which isn’t pretty and reminds me too much of bathtub. So Sydney it is.

photo 4

Me and Pete with Sydney.

Me and Pete IN Sydney. I think this was either June or July of 2007.

Me and Pete IN Sydney. This was either June or July of 2007. That’s the Opera House behind us.

P.S. Pete also names his computers. They have names like Big Boy, Silver, V131 and Bob.

Coffee & blurry pics

Number 1, it’s snowing right now. Well, the Charlotte kind of snow. The kind that doesn’t stick and makes everyone wreck. …

sipping latteSo remember how I said I recently made my first pot of coffee ever? If not, I’m deeply hurt. …

Anyway, I said I would tell you why, and here it is: A few weeks ago, I hosted Ladies & Lattes, a small get together of a few friends meant for relaxing and catching up. It was nice to sit and talk and not feel like I needed to do something like clean or pack lunches. For three hours, we just hung out, ate finger foods and sipped pumpkin spice lattes. … Which is why I made coffee, for the lattes.

In case you want it, here’s the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins you see! The yummy looking round dish is Tiffany #1’s spinach artichoke dip.

ladies and lattes collage

And here are the lovely ladies I communed with. (The following pictures aren’t very clear because apparently I downloaded them wrong. … Gee, it’s not like my full-time job involves the Internet or anything. …)


… And here they are again because I’m on a collage kick. … I don’t remember what Ester and I were doing with our arms, but it makes for interesting pictures.

ladies and lattes collage 2

Healthy recipe of the week: shepherd’s pie

I have this cookbook that Pete doesn’t like. He doesn’t like it because it’s all vegan and in his words, “What’s wrong with meat?” (Quality meat anyway.)

I got the cookbook from a woman I interviewed about the 7th-Day Adventists’ diet. Many of them stay away from meat and dairy. I’ve only made a couple of things out of the cookbook (the other was zucchini creole), but last week was one of those things.

I made a shepherd’s pie for the first time ever. I used almond milk instead of regular milk and a black bean burger instead of actual burger. (The recipe says “burger substitute,” and we had the black bean burgers on hand.)

Here’s what it looked like:

It looks really yellow because 1 - I used Yukon Gold potatoes, and 2 - the lighting wasn't great.

It looks really yellow because 1 – I used Yukon Gold potatoes, and 2 – the lighting wasn’t great. The red stuff is tomato soup.

It was kind of bland and not my favorite thing ever, but it smelled good when I made it, and I like that it’s mostly veggies.

Here’s a bad picture of the recipe that you can cherish always:


Through the lens

IMG_0360I recently finished taking a photo class in Charlotte and really enjoyed myself. We didn’t do anything on auto the entire time, so I got more comfortable with the settings and all the fancy shmancy stuff you can do with a DSLR.

I took out my own camera earlier today (not a DSLR, but a nice camera) and played around with some of the settings. I need to do more fanagling, though, because some of my pictures were fuzzy when I didn’t think they should be.

Here are some pictures I took during or for the photo class. They were taken downtown, at work, around where we live and in MN.

Bicyclist on Tryon Street

Bicyclist on Tryon Street.


In front of our building at work.


From the parking lot at work.


A random co-worker’s car.


Down the road from us, taken from a school parking lot overlooking a field.


Same field. I really like it in black and white.


The in-laws’ cabin in Detroit Lakes, MN.


Downtown at dusk … practicing silhouettes.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls! Unless that’s what you’re supposed to do for class.


Capturing traffic.


An accident with the wrong settings. But cool! And that’s the Bank of America building on the right. I guess money DOES grow on trees.


Our class, as ghosts.


The light rail.


Depicting “wood.” This is a bench outside of our work building.


On top of the cabinets at the cabin in MN. I was capturing asymmetry.


Wood pile and me!