Through the lens

IMG_0360I recently finished taking a photo class in Charlotte and really enjoyed myself. We didn’t do anything on auto the entire time, so I got more comfortable with the settings and all the fancy shmancy stuff you can do with a DSLR.

I took out my own camera earlier today (not a DSLR, but a nice camera) and played around with some of the settings. I need to do more fanagling, though, because some of my pictures were fuzzy when I didn’t think they should be.

Here are some pictures I took during or for the photo class. They were taken downtown, at work, around where we live and in MN.

Bicyclist on Tryon Street

Bicyclist on Tryon Street.


In front of our building at work.


From the parking lot at work.


A random co-worker’s car.


Down the road from us, taken from a school parking lot overlooking a field.


Same field. I really like it in black and white.


The in-laws’ cabin in Detroit Lakes, MN.


Downtown at dusk … practicing silhouettes.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls! Unless that’s what you’re supposed to do for class.


Capturing traffic.


An accident with the wrong settings. But cool! And that’s the Bank of America building on the right. I guess money DOES grow on trees.


Our class, as ghosts.


The light rail.


Depicting “wood.” This is a bench outside of our work building.


On top of the cabinets at the cabin in MN. I was capturing asymmetry.


Wood pile and me!


One thought on “Through the lens

  1. Love your pictures! I didn’t know you were taking photography but I think that’s right up your alley! Very creative! Love, mom


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