Coffee & blurry pics

Number 1, it’s snowing right now. Well, the Charlotte kind of snow. The kind that doesn’t stick and makes everyone wreck. …

sipping latteSo remember how I said I recently made my first pot of coffee ever? If not, I’m deeply hurt. …

Anyway, I said I would tell you why, and here it is: A few weeks ago, I hosted Ladies & Lattes, a small get together of a few friends meant for relaxing and catching up. It was nice to sit and talk and not feel like I needed to do something like clean or pack lunches. For three hours, we just hung out, ate finger foods and sipped pumpkin spice lattes. … Which is why I made coffee, for the lattes.

In case you want it, here’s the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins you see! The yummy looking round dish is Tiffany #1’s spinach artichoke dip.

ladies and lattes collage

And here are the lovely ladies I communed with. (The following pictures aren’t very clear because apparently I downloaded them wrong. … Gee, it’s not like my full-time job involves the Internet or anything. …)


… And here they are again because I’m on a collage kick. … I don’t remember what Ester and I were doing with our arms, but it makes for interesting pictures.

ladies and lattes collage 2


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