I see Ireland!

It’s about time for me to order new contacts, so I looked at the back of my Acuvue Oasys box a couple of days ago and saw this: Made in Ireland. It’s a sign!

Contacts box

I’ve had these contacts for months now and it was the first time I noticed where they’re from. Or at least, where the box is from. Either way, if you know about my dream to visit Ireland, you know I was thrilled. I took it as a sign that I will see Ireland one day!

Update: Back in February, I started an Ireland fund. I typically put in $5 at a time, but sometimes more or less. I don’t feel like counting right now, but I think I have about $250 saved up. It’s not exactly a plane ticket, but I’m working on it!

photo (85)




3 thoughts on “I see Ireland!

  1. I think that is great! $250 is nothing to sneeze at! Hey I bet you will get to go and I hope you get to visit everything you’d want to. I want all the best for you. Love, Mom


  2. I have always wanted to go to Ireland too so you’ve inspired me to start a fund. Thanks!!! 🙂 BTW, I will now go check out my contact box for further signs…I hope it has someplace I have been wanting to go (preferably Ireland) 🙂


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