Be the ball

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Pete wasn’t home, so I had to take photo matters into my own hands.

I have lots of books at home that I haven’t read yet. A couple of days ago, I was browsing a bookshelf and found an exercise book I forgot I had.

It’s about working out with an exercise ball, so last night, I found my deflated exercise ball in storage, pumped it up and put the book to use.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • It was very calming. The movements are slow and controlled, which reminded me of yoga. I was a little wobbly, but I’m sure I could get better. I was also surprised how hard some of the movements were, which is good. Room for improvement.
  • I didn’t sweat. This was nice because my hair looked good, so I didn’t have to wash it afterwards. Today, I did my Zumba cardio party DVD and my heart was pounding within 5 minutes. I like the feeling of having a hard workout, but it was also good to work on strength and balance. (Side note: I asked for a Jillian Michaels DVD for Christmas and also like that workout. She doesn’t yell at me in the video like I was worried about. I don’t like mean women.)
  • The book is good about explaining what certain movements do and the benefit of each one. I spent about an hour going through almost every exercise, but when I got to the back, the author said you could make it into a 20-minute workout. It’s nice to have the option of spending a little time or a lot of time on it.


  • My exercise ball smells like those icky Valentine’s Day heart candies, which I hate.
  • I was close to the ground for most of the workouts, so I noticed that I need to vacuum. Again. That was distracting.
  • The book. While it’s nice to go at my own pace and have pictures and more explanation of what I’m doing, I think I would have a more continuous workout if it was a DVD. I read about each movement, tried to do it and looked over at the book during the movement to make sure I was doing it right. With practice, though, it might not be an issue.
  • Anja kept interrupting. At one point, I told her to go to the other side of the room so I could do my inner thigh lifts, but she didn’t listen. This has nothing to do with the book or the exercise ball, but I wanted to give you a comprehensive review.

photo 5

The book is called "Exercise Ball" (imagine that) by Sara Rose. It's a quick, easy read with 8 short chapters. It covers things like body and mind basics, spinal strength and mobility, and upper and lower body.

The book is called “Exercise Ball” (imagine that) by Sara Rose. It’s a quick, easy read with 8 short chapters. It covers things like body and mind basics, spinal strength and mobility, and upper and lower body.


One thought on “Be the ball

  1. Oh honey, you are so funny! Now you know Anja was just holding the page for you. 🙂 I think it sounds fun, or just have a wheelbarrow race with some others and get one of those old bouncy balls with the handle. That way it’s more like play! bahahahaha!! Just kidding. Love you! Mom


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