Puppy love

Zoey as a puppy, Sept. 2011

Zoey as a puppy, Sept. 2011

Zoey drives me crazy sometimes. So does Anja, but not nearly as much.

Zoey’s latest annoying habit is reverting back to her puppy days. She’s about 2 1/2 now, but has started doing things that I thought she was finally over. Like jumping on people. Or running around the house like a madman, messing up all my rugs. Or eating poop. (Why?!)

Today, I came home to find that Anja had thrown up her food in her crate. I think she was actually aiming for it to be outside her crate, but I’ll leave the details there. So while I cleaned that up, I left her in the living room and let Zoey eat on the deck right outside the door where I could see her. I figured I would let her back in as soon as she was done eating so she wouldn’t roam around the yard, eating nasty things on my watch.

Except Zoey inhaled her food and ran off in the mere seconds I looked away to finish cleaning. When I called her to come back inside, she didn’t come right away and I knew she was up to no good. I was right.

All of this was about 5 minutes after I walked in the door after putting our trash and recycle bins by the curb in freezing rain. I was still in my raincoat, cleaner in one hand and paper towels in the other, and not all that happy.


So I’ve been thinking …

This must be how God feels sometimes. He watches us do the same stupid things over and over, make dumb decisions and go back to our old ways. Yet He’s quick to forgive and loves us anyway.

I’ve told people before that it’s a good thing Zoey is cute. Otherwise, she’d be outta here by now. I get so angry sometimes when I find that she’s done it again. I tell her “no, bad girl,” pointing to what she’s done and put her in her crate.


But when I let her out, she looks up at me with that face and the one brown eye and it’s so cute I can’t stand it. I can’t stay mad long and I love her anyway.

Anja is the same way. Friends have told us she could be in an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing in the background as she looks at you with those big brown eyes. When I’m mad at her for something, she just looks at me like, “What?” Or she’ll lean her head on my knee when I’m sitting down and nudge my hand to pet her, knowing full well I just told her to lay down.

Good grief. One dog is a spaz, and the other one is needy.

But I love them anyway.

Anja Zoey collage


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