“Keeping the romance alive”

Owl with facial mask

I was going to post a picture of myself with the mask on, but do I really want that floating around the Internet? No.

Pete and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in May. Four years in, there are still some things that I try to be discreet about. Let’s leave a little bit of mystery, shall we? But oh how hard that is when you live with another person. …

Like this morning. I thought Pete had already left for an appointment when I got out of the shower, so I proceeded to pat down my T-zone with a refreshing face mask. I was supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, and about 8 minutes in, I was standing in our room with the mask still very much intact. Then I heard footsteps. Eek, he’s still home!

I scurried to the bathroom and closed the door. He knocked.

“Don’t come in!” I shouted.

“But I have to brush my teeth!” He was going to the dentist. I guess that’s valid.

“Urgghh! OK …”

I took cover in the walk-in bathroom closet while he brushed.

Now let me pause for a second. I have, in fact, worn a face mask around him before, but that one was smooth and creamy and covered my whole face. THIS was not that.

This is NOT how I looked.

This is NOT how I looked.

THIS mask was kind of powdery and white and only covered a portion of my face. Plus my hair was still a mess. It wasn’t cute.

When he was done brushing, he told me bye from the other side of the closet door. I waited until he left (for sure this time) before I came out of hiding and quickly splashed water on my face.

I was telling a group of girlfriends about the ordeal at lunch today and one friend said kudos to me for “keeping the romance alive.” She said she would have snuck up behind her husband and scared him with it.


One thought on ““Keeping the romance alive”

  1. Oh my, I could just see you doing that! How funny and you are right to leave a little mystery. That’s my girl! Love you! Mom


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