The mile run


This is from my RunKeeper app. This was the second day I ran a mile straight. The entire walk/run took just under 20 mins.

In my last post, I mentioned that the longest distance I’ve run nonstop since starting my 5K training was only half a mile. Since then, I’ve run a mile straight twice! Pete was with me the first time so it was nice to have someone keep me going. … Most people have to do a mile run in school, but I never did so it’s a small milestone.

On the days my running plan says I can rest, I either follow orders or do a different exercise. I was sick a couple days last week but one of those days was a rest day and the second I felt OK enough to walk/jog.

More updates on life coming soon! (Sneak peek: One involves driving a manual for the first time. As suspected, I’m not very good at it.)


5 thoughts on “The mile run

  1. Disregard question…I did read last blog before but forgot what you wrote about where and when until I just reread it lol. Mommy brain! Way to go, Tiffany & Pete!! 🙂


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