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It’s electric!

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My running buddy.

Last Saturday, Pete and I ran our first 5K. He didn’t have to practice nearly as much as I did, but that’s OK. I’m proud of the fact that I worked my way up from running half a mile to just over 3 miles at a time. That’s an accomplishment! It took about 2 months to get to that point.

The night before the race, I checked out this article about what to eat on race day. Anyone who knows me well knows that I can get “hangry” (hunger angry), so I wanted to be nourished but not stuffed before the run. The morning of the race, I had some granola cereal with almond milk, then about four hours before, downed some oatmeal and a banana.

Shortly before show time, we joined hundreds of others, including some friends, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Electric Run, donning ourselves in glow necklaces, strobe light bracelets, face paint and bright colors. (I even borrowed some bright knee-high socks with pictures of fruit all over them.)

photo 2

Our friends Sal and Shayna invited us to the 5K.

There were multiple waves of runners that night, so by the time we started, it was around 9:30. We started off really slow since there were so many people in front of us, but Pete made a path around them and we gained some momentum.

The run was only partially on the racetrack; the rest was along a winding path just behind it. I didn’t expect the few small hills, but that’s good for you, right? It was also slightly annoying trying to weave around people who were walking or pushing strollers since the “runners on the right, walkers on the left” rule wasn’t really followed. There was a lot to look at, though—neon decorations, glowing outfits and bright, bouncing tutus. One girl wore a unicorn head, which was more creepy than interesting.

Toward the end of the race, I felt like we should have been at 3 miles already, but we still had a ways to go. I got pretty hot and my ankles got tired, but I didn’t feel too winded.

At the finish line, I threw my arms up in true “I did it!” fashion, but of course the photographer didn’t catch that part. He caught the part where I was looking at my phone to stop the timer on my RunKeeper app. 😦 All said in done, we ran 3.28 miles in about 33 minutes, which isn’t too shabby!

Pete looks fit and serious, and I look like I decided to text mid-walk. I promise I was covered in sweat.

Pete looks fit and serious, and I look like I decided to text mid-walk. I promise I was covered in sweat.

Once we stopped, we grabbed the tiniest cups of water ever and waited for the others in our group to finish. A DJ played music on one end of the track while a bunch of people crowded in front of the stage to dance and wave glow sticks. I people watched and concluded that there are lots of fit people at these things. The kind of people who hit the gym twice a day and shop at Dick’s. But that’s to be expected. There were also lots of normal looking people and I even saw one woman being pushed in a wheelchair.

Once we rounded everyone up, we headed to TGI Fridays where people stared at our bright clan from the windows as we walked in. I was hungry, my legs were tired and now I’d like to do it again.


At the start line.