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The people I (get to) work with

smoothiesIn the past two months, I’ve been sad to see three co-workers-turned-friends leave BGEA. Today we held a going away party for the latest one.

There have been others I had the pleasure of working with who are no longer there, and I’m sure there are more goodbyes in the future. Because that’s just life.

But as I was sitting in a department-wide meeting a few weeks back, getting wind of the latest transition, I thought how incredibly grateful I am to work with people whose impending absence makes you want to cry. People you’ve come to care about. People who support your side jobs and hobbies. People you’re happy to share Christmas parties and bowling outings and wedding showers with. People who pray with you and for you and visit each other in the hospital. And people who will gladly take some of your co-worker’s workload one evening so he can get home at a decent time on his anniversary.

I'll miss you, Tameka and Jessica!

I’ll miss you, Tameka and Jessica!

It’s cliché, but many of the people I work with are more than just fellow employees; they really are like family. Which is good since I spend 40 hours a week with them.

I’ve been especially blessed to meet and befriend some of the most fun, amazing women ever. We share lunches, ice cream cones, fashion advice and see each other outside work—on purpose. We play pranks and laugh until our faces hurt, then laugh some more. And because I work with not one but TWO departments, I’ve gotten to know double the awesome ladies of BGEA. They’re funny and genuine and hard working and wise. We’ve seen movies together, gone to basketball games together, shared dinners, roller skated and even rang in the New Year together. Some days when I’ve gotten to work in a sour mood, I actually leave in a good one because of work. I mean, how often does that happen?

Work collage 2

In November, I will celebrate 3 years at BGEA and still, whenever someone asks me how I like it, I say I love it. I love working somewhere that makes its employees a priority. Somewhere you celebrate births and birthdays with homemade cakes, decorated cubes and cards signed by everyone. Somewhere with people who grieve your losses with you and maybe even attend your loved one’s funeral. A place where your co-worker invites you to her wedding—and you are beyond excited as you plan a road trip with your other co-workers/friends to attend. (Yes, that’s happening. Future blog forthcoming.)

Work collage 3

There’s no doubt in my mind that even as some of these fabulous people leave and move onto something new, we can remain friends. At least, that better happen or I will hunt them down. I also know that a large part of this great environment is due to the Best. Boss. Ever. And everyone in our department knows it.

I look forward to seeing my co-workers every day and I’m so fortunate that I can call them friends. If we work together and you’re reading this, thanks for being awesome!

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