The Daniel Plan: Week 2

When I got home from work last night, I was really hungry. I looked around our pantry and wanted everything I couldn’t have: my prized veggie chips that someone had to add sugar to, gluten-laced cereal, sunflower seed butter, a Toblerone bar from Christmas and so on.

There were plenty of things I can have, but they weren’t as instantly gratifying. *Sigh* I really could’ve gone for a chocolate bar.

Thankfully, the ravenous rage quickly subsided and I heated up some leftover spicy honey chicken and quinoa with pine nuts for dinner. (Veggies are currently on my grocery list.) Pete and I went to a movie last night and I took some apple slices as a snack. … I mean, I purchased apple slices at the lovely concession stand. … Yeah, that’s right.

I will admit that I had a small piece of bread last night that Pete made. I really shouldn’t feel guilty because the plan says you can introduce small amounts of gluten back into your diet after the 10-day detox and see how your body responds. It was glorious. But I’m not going to make a habit of it whilst on The Plan.

Some people have asked me how I feel since starting this thing and I tell them I feel pretty good. I mean, I didn’t feel bad before, but I can see some small differences.

  • My skin seems to have improved a bit. It’s far from radiant, but it’s decent enough so that I’ve been comfortable not wearing my typical powder foundation at work or church. It’s also much less oily, but that could also be the lack of makeup. (Show me an anti-shine mineral powder that actually works and I’ll love you forever.)
  • In general, I’m not getting enough sleep, but I’ve found that I’m not as tired during the day. I’m still tired in the morning and on my drive home from work, but at work I seem to stay focused and alert throughout the day.
  • Before I started The Daniel Plan, I set a goal for myself to drink 3 of my water bottles a day. My water bottle is 18 ounces, so that’s 54 ounces total. I was slacking off some before starting the plan, but I’ve ramped it up again and I’ve been doing pretty well. That could also factor into the skin thing in #1.
  • I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’ve lost about a pound and a half. More water, less sugar maybe?
One downside is that I haven’t read any more of the book since I wrote last time. I wanted to read more over the weekend, but Pete and I ended up doing hours of yard work. As in raking, mulching and bagging 63 39-gallon bags of leaves. That was my workout for the weekend, plus taking the dogs for a run. (The Daniel Plan does include a fitness plan for each day, but most days, I’ve been doing my own thing.)

If you’ve ever wondered what 63 bags of leaves looks like, this is it. Well, most of it.

On the faith side, I’m still reading through the book of Daniel and just finished the part about Daniel’s three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were thrown into a furnace for not worshiping the king, but survived when an angel protected them. That’s one of my favorite stories ever. Like The Daniel Plan says, spiritual health is as important as physical health, and I find that reading the Bible regularly helps keep me balanced and fulfilled spiritually.

Last but most certainly not least, I’m trying Joy’s white bean chicken chili recipe later this week. Joy is doing the plan, too, and I’m excited for Pete to taste this Daniel-friendly chili. That quinoa with pine nuts dish I mentioned earlier was something I made last week, but it turned out kind of bland, so I’m sure my better half will appreciate something with flavor.

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