The Daniel Plan: Week 4


Mom and Dad got me new running gear for Christmas. The fitness part of the Daniel Plan has been more challenging than I thought it would be.

The past week has been a week of denial. By denial, I don’t mean, “Problem? What problem?” I mean denying myself things I would normally jump at.

Like a rare frappuccino at a coffee shop with a friend.

Or a bun for my hot dog at a chili dinner fundraiser.

Or some cookie cake at a Super Bowl party. (And cookie cake is seriously one of my favorite things.)

Then there’s leftover (and homemade) cookie cake at work.

Or red velvet cookies at work.

Or an opportunity for free froyo at Menchie’s this weekend.

The denial is endless. I also had to pass up Kit Kats and Snickers yesterday when I failed to pack enough in my lunch and made a trip to the vending machine.

“I’m off to find something gluten-free, sugar-free and non-dairy in the vending machine!” I told a co-worker. She wished me luck.

I was warned that kale doesn't smell good in the oven. It smells kind of like cooked spinach. Not exactly a pleasant aroma, if you ask me.

I was warned that kale doesn’t smell good in the oven. It smells kind of like cooked spinach. Not exactly a pleasant aroma, if you ask me.

I ended up with a package of what I thought were peanut butter crackers but ended up being Lance Nekot Cookies. Whoops. At least it had 1 gram of dietary fiber.

I did, however, try to make kale chips for the first time last week. I’d never even purchased kale before. Harris Teeter had a huge bundle of it for a buck!

I heard beforehand that you have to limit your olive oil use when you make kale chips. You’re supposed to put a little olive oil on them, then sprinkle salt and pepper on top and bake them, but I got too much olive oil on them and they came out half crunchy and half soggy. I still have a bunch left that I might try to make tonight.

So how about the other F’s mentioned in the Daniel Plan? Food is a biggie, but there’s also faith, friends, focus and fitness.

Faith. I slacked on my reading a bit last week, but the past few days have gone well. I’m on chapter 9 in the book of Daniel, and there are 12 chapters total. I want to finish the book by the end of my plan, which is 10 days from now. I’m also praying that I can make healthy choices each day and that I’ll crave good food instead of junk food.

Friends. Lots of people have asked me how the plan is going, which forces me to evaluate myself. I’ve also gotten a few yummy recipes from Joy. In fact, I’m using her hummus recipe tonight and maybe her baked fruity oatmeal recipe, too.

Focus. This one is a little harder to measure. I guess you could say I’m focusing on healthy eating goals when I decide to pass up stuff I can’t have, like cookies and cake.

Fitness. This has actually been harder than I thought it would be. I’ve always enjoyed working out, and I’m pretty good about exercising at least a few times a week, but the past couple of weeks have been so hectic that it’s been a struggle to make the time and find the energy to do some kind of exercise 6 days a week like the plan suggests. I do feel stronger, more focused and energetic when I exercise, though. I did work out when I got home last night and again this morning, so right now I’m feeling good. I’m also hoping to go for a run later this week. I meant to run last weekend (I’m trying to do it once a week), but then Anja had an unexpected vet visit, so plans changed. It’s also been frigid in the mornings and I don’t do cold.

One thing I’m disappointed in is my lack of discipline in reading more of The Daniel Plan book. I’ve read enough to know what I should and shouldn’t have or should and shouldn’t do, but I really wanted to have most of it read by now and I haven’t read any in the past few weeks. BUT…it’s never too late to start back up again. And if I want to make some permanent lifestyle changes, it will still be applicable even when the 40 days are up.


A three-bean turkey chili I took to a Super Bowl party. Hearty and not bad for you.


2 thoughts on “The Daniel Plan: Week 4

  1. Well I am very proud of you for sticking with this and seeing such progress. Of course, you have always been good about eating right. This plan sounds like it covers all the bases to help a person focus on a closer walk with the Lord which is what is most important. So many things in our day to day lives distract us from putting God first in our hearts and lives. Hey, I have a commentary on the book of Daniel if you want to borrow it – Mamaw gave it to me. Also a book on whole foods if you want it as well. Love you!!


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