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The Gap

First … holy cow, it’s been almost 2 months since my last post. Yikes! Second … the title of this post has nothing to do with the store.

I prefer not to think of this gap in posts as neglect, but rather my so far successful attempt at simplifying my life. Sometimes simplifying means putting things off; hence, the lull in my posts.

I decided my goal for the year would be to simplify because last year I felt like there was too much going on and too little rest. Most of the things happening were fun (weekend plans with friends, trips, etc.), but a girl also needs sleep.

This probably isn’t the best week to pat myself on the back for doing less and resting more since I’ve spent the past several weekdays pondering how to stop yawning at work and begging a co-worker for chocolate covered coffee beans, BUT at least I’m aware of my shortcomings and making a valiant effort … OK, not valiant, but an effort … to make life a little less complicated.

How, you ask? (I know you probably don’t care, but this is my blog so I’m telling you anyway.)

Little ways like doing housework less often (but not so spread out that people are scared to come over), not reading every single email I subscribe to (subject lines are everything if you want me to read something) and packing lunch items ahead of time. So, making two sandwiches at one time so Pete can have one both Wednesday and Thursday without me pulling out the bread, PB&J, a knife and cutting board again the following day. Or bagging four days worth of carrots instead of one or two. It’s amazing how much time that saves. I don’t dread packing lunches as much.

I’ll have to be more creative the next several weeks, though, because every single weekend is planned out (for the most part) from here until the end of May.

And on that note, it’s bed time!