Friendship quote

In second grade, I was so shy I hardly talked. … At least, until I got home and wouldn’t shut up because I’d barely spoken all day.

I loved the idea of taking gymnastics, but was too shy to try it and limited myself to climbing on the monkey bar dome during recess. I also thought dance classes would be fun, but again … too shy.

Things change.

I’ve been thinking this weekend how I love being around people. I also adore my quiet time, but I’m fortunate to have lots of people around me these days who I want to spend time with.

Sometimes I get bummed how difficult it can be to get together with friends—even to the point of scheduling hang out time weeks in advance—but on the other hand, how wonderful it is to have so many great friends around. Friends who are fun and funny and wise. Friends from middle school and college and seminary and work. I’ve been feeling extremely blessed lately each time a friend and I nail down a date to see each other or when Pete and I are able to see friends we haven’t seen in a while.

It doesn’t really matter what we do, either, which is one of the great things about friends. You don’t have to impress them or entertain them; you can just sit around and talk and have a grand ol’ time.

So here’s to all the friends in our lives—some old, some new, all loved. I may not have talked to you in second grade, but I’m so glad I know you now.


One thought on “Friends

  1. Tiffany, I’m thankful for our friendship too! We can go months without talking and when we do, we pick up where we left off!! That’s true friendship in my opinion.

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