It’s Just Hair


It’s just hair.

That’s what I told myself over the weekend as I prepared to get it cut. I know some women don’t have this problem, but for me, hair is so much a part of me that it can be hard to see it go.

It takes time to grow. Sometimes a long time. And it’s part of my identity.

It’s been a couple of years since I decided to grow mine as long as possible, and by this summer, it was pretty long. I’d sort of reached a goal. Met an expectation.

But, as many women do, I then changed my mind and wanted it shorter. I was done with the length. Time for something different.

Still. … It took so long to get there.

And so it goes with pruning.

In John 15:1-2, it talks about the vine and branches:

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

The vine, or source of life, in this instance is Jesus, and God is the gardener who takes care of the branches (meaning those who follow Christ).

Whatever areas of our lives aren’t flourishing, God has a way of pruning them back so we can be productive and prosperous again. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it’s hard to let those dead parts go, but ultimately, the outcome is better than whatever direction we were going before.

Sort of like split ends.

When you have split ends, you trim them so your hair can continue growing healthy. If you don’t, the ends get ragged.

When we slip away from God, when we split off and start going our own way, things tend to get tangled up. It’s harder to see the direction we’re supposed to go in life. We hold ourselves back from reaching God’s best for us, even if we don’t realize it just then.

I’m no gardener, but I know pruning is good. It means something has potential. If you’re pruning a vine, it’s because the branches have the potential to bear more fruit.

So if you feel yourself being pruned today, take it as a compliment. It means you’re made for even more. Maybe it’s just time for a trim.


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