My friends say I’m the organized one. The cleaning fairy who leaves other people’s kitchens spotless after a party, the one who will probably bake cupcakes for my future child’s third-grade class. I find myself telling my wonderful but not as tidy husband to “find a home” for random things sitting on our kitchen table and saying things like, “Everything has its place.” I think Mary Poppins and I would have been friends.

In November 2011, I started working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association*, where I am a writer and editor. I take it as proof that you can, in fact, love journalism and attend seminary and actually find a job that incorporates both. It’s a blessing and a lot of fun.

I am also a wife, daughter, sister of two and pet owner of two (although it feels like more sometimes). I was raised in the South, but people tell me I sound like I’m from Michigan. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never been. This is the fourth blog I’ve kept — five if you count one I did for work when I was a reporter. It’s going to be about life, things I want to do and random thoughts (example: why are my socks still damp after a cycle and a half in the dryer?) Hence, the subhead of my blog: Life. Love. Socks. (Thanks for the tip, Aunt Sheri.)

And since “about” sections often include what a person likes, here are some of mine: taking pictures, Yankee candles, “The Golden Girls,” “Frasier,” funny books, hammocks, hiking, boat rides, recipes that turn out like the picture, fresh cut flowers, the color red, free samples at Costco, traveling, mint chocolate chip ice cream, walking on the beach, real fire places, roller skating and watching people open unexpected gifts.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon! Y’hear?

*All opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent BGEA.

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