Articles, videos & blogs I like


5 Ways We Disempower Our Husbands Without Even Realizing It
from: Verily Magazine
about: Breaking the cycle of emasculating our husbands.

So Grateful God Made Me Wait
from: Boundless
about: We’ve all waited for something, and it’s not for nothing.

4 Things to Remember if You Feel Awkward Expressing Your Needs
from: Verily Magazine
about: Having needs isn’t the same as being needy.

11 Fresh Ideas for Healthy Packed Lunches
from: Verily Magazine
about: Adding a little good-for-you spice to that sack lunch.

101 Household Tips
from: Glamumous, a lifestyle blog from the UK
about: Easy ideas to simplify life, from storing bobby pins to labeling power cords.

Tips for Rekindling Romance
from: Verily Magazine
about: 10 ways to get out of the routine and have fun with your spouse.

31 DIY Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome
from: BuzzFeed
about: Making your backyard awesome, of course! Some crazy fun ideas in here.

Your Life is More Epic Than You Think
from: Relevant Magazine
about: An article about appreciating the small things in life.

24 Amazing Hotels Around the World
from: Bored Panda
about: Redefining the word “hotel.”

The Imperfect Spouse
from: Gary Thomas, author of “Sacred Marriage”
about: appreciating that less-than-perfect person you’re married to and realizing you’re imperfect, too.


Pro Tips on Photo Composition
from: Fast Company
about: 9 tips for composing good pictures

A Traveler’s 360-degree Selfies
about: A guy armed with a motorcycle and a Go Pro who visited 36 countries in 3 years.

WWII Vet Forms Unlikely Friendship with Preschooler
from: KARE 11, a Minneapolis/St. Paul news station
about: Two neighbors who bond over riding mowers and homegrown tomatoes. Here’s part 2 and part 3 of the story.

First-time Flyers
from: Sploid, “a new blog about awesome stuff”
about: Two elderly ladies who meet for the first time and take their first ever plane ride together.

The cardboard arcade
about: 9-year-old creates his own arcade.


God Music Culture
introduced to me by: David
about: people who love God and music and want to connect in a relevant way, encouraging diversity in today’s culture.

Dwellings by DeVore
introduced to me by: the author, Bethany DeVore, or more precisely, her Facebook page
about: A blog about checkbook-friendly DIY decorating and furnishing, from throw pillows to highchairs to chandeliers. Bethany also creates personalized e-design boards.

Verily Magazine
introduce to me by: Elizabeth
about: spot-on and insightful content on relationships, beauty, culture, healthy living and lifestyle.

The Small Things Blog
introduced to me by: Sara
about: A blog by Kate, a down-to-earth North Carolina hair stylist/jewelry maker/shopper who does and wears things I want to mimic.

Relevant Magazine
introduced to me by: Melanie
about: God, culture and life—with a youthful bend.

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