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Don’t hold back

DanceOn Saturday, Pete and I went to a wedding. It was beautifulā€”nice weather, a gorgeous old mansion and great company of course.

But what stuck out to me was the kids. The ones who took over the dance floor as soon as the music started.

Kids don’t have to be told to let loose; it comes naturally. The ones at the wedding ran in circles around the dance floor, jumped in the air, grabbed each other’s hands and squealed with delight. They laughed and fell down, then got back up again. They bounced around, waved their arms and kicked up their heels. No one has to tell them to do that.

When do we lose that kind of uninhibited freedom? Why do we sometimes stifleĀ emotion instead of expressing the pure joy of being in the moment? I watched them, amused, and was almost jealous of the couple of adults out there with them, not caring one flip who was watching. I admire people who aren’t shy about things like that.

I do get excited about little things a lot. It usually goes like this:

“Oh boy, they have Junior Mints!”

“We get to eat outside! Yaaay!”

“No way, it’s on sale! 40% off, yipee!”

But other times, like on the dance floor or if I’m talking to certain people, I tend to hold back instead of pouring out whatever joy, excitement or warm fuzzy feeling I have at the time.

On that topic, I saw this video on a friend’s Facebook page today and LOVED it. It’s honestly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. These two elderly ladies get a chance to fly in an airplane for the first time, and their expectations and reactions are priceless. I especially love the woman on the roller coaster pre-flight, mostly because she doesn’t even attempt to hold in how thrilled she is.

I hope I’m willing to get out of my comfort zone and get excited about the little things when I’m this age.